Home Healing and Space Clearing

Pendulum map dowsing

HOME HEALING and SPACE CLEARING is the art of energetically cleansing and enhancing spaces.

It’s like smudging x1000

You just KNOW when something isn’t quite right in your home, or life is off track and you can’t quite work out why. Whatever's going on in your LIFE, it’s gonna show up in your HOME & vice versa.

When you walk into a room & feel tension, or there are some areas in your home that no-one wants to hang out in. You are sensing the ENERGY from the people, objects & events in that space. And these energies can affect your home, life and health.

You’ll be amazed how the energies in your home are affecting your life.

I can help by checking and healing detrimental human energy patterns and earth energies.

Remotely DOWSING from a floor plan of your home I will BALANCE your home and your life, clearing and healing any DETRIMENTAL ENERGIES as I go. 

Getting your life back on track.


You’ve just moved in. Someone has moved out.

Not sleeping. Illness. Something is not quite right.

There is a pattern of previous owners having money 

problems. Or a pattern of divorce or separation.

You feel that there is a Spirit in your home. 

You’re trying to sell your home and no-one is buying. 

Some areas in your home don’t feel right. 

Family conflicts. Someone is psychically attacking you. 

Negative attachments. A pattern of electrical problems. Or plumbing issues.

There are some rooms that no-one wants to hang out in. 

You’ve had building work done and something seems off.

Or you’d just like a life re-set 

There are hundreds of reasons and even more benefits.


REMOTELY, I will carry out an assessment of your home HARMONISING & NEUTRALISING those detrimental energetic patterns as I go.

These include:

Entities, stuck spirits, portals & elementals.

Geopathic stress, water veins, energy and stress lines.

Dark energy, psychic cords & psy attacks.

Curses on the land and historic energy. 

And checking for artefacts in your home that need to get gone.

All I need from you is a FLOOR PLAN of your home and a list of who lives there.

I will provide you with a report of my findings, which will include any adjustments and recommendations that will benefit your home.


Once you’ve had your Home Healing session, you might like to sprinkle some extra magic and book in a SPACE CLEARING CEREMONY.

We then visit you onsite & perform a full SPACE CLEARING CEREMONY 


As part of the ceremony, we will bring in to your home whatever energies & changes you want into the space, as well as removing what you need to get rid of.

We will visit your home and follow up on our findings from your Home Healing.

This can include earth acupuncture on your land. 

We will then perform a Space Clearing Ceremony, 

which we would love you to be part of too.

This will be your opportunity to LET GO of anything that no longer serves you and 

bring into your life what you REALLY WANT.

We will leave you with a ‘to do’ list of any adjustments that will bring maximum benefit to your home as well as giving you lots of tips, advice and support. Advise on beneficial furniture placements, items that may need to be removed, and anything else that comes up.

Leaving your home BLESSED, PROTECTED, HARMONISED & charged up with POSITIVE ENERGY. 

Space Clearing home visit - Priced on application. Depending on size of house and location.

Please be aware, we do not physically clean or declutter your home and we strongly suggest doing this yourself before we start working with you. This will amplify our enhancements so you get maximum benefit from our work.

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