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I can’t recommend She Shines Brightly’s home healing enough! It feels like my house has had a spa day and has that fuzzy warm but fresh feeling afterwards. Carolyn was amazing, very warm and caring and made me feel at ease throughout the experience and explained all her findings and healings in a very clear way and explained what changes we could make ourselves to keep our house vibe feeling warm and cozy. Anyone sitting on the fence should definitely just book in and experience the magic yourselves!



I contacted Carolyn to carry out some space clearing for several reasons. My first main concern was paranormal activity in my home from someone that was in my past, and I often felt like he was trying to communicate with me through one of my children as they would frequently say comments that he used or I could smell him in their room.
I also had a strange experience that all the flowers I was buying or being given died as soon as I put them in water and displayed them throughout the house.
I adore my home and have never felt it was haunted even though it’s a very old house, however, something wasn’t feeling right and one of my children was particularly unsettled and didn’t sleep well and had lots of issues at school and appeared distressed at home.
Carolyn worked her magic and was able to do all this remotely, so it didn’t impact my family or time.
She informed me that 2 members of the family has spiritual attachments.
The first was my unsettled child who had a male attached to her and he had been with them for about 2 years. He was known to the family and was angry. For me this was the biggest relief that my gut instinct wasn’t wrong, and I wasn’t going mad! I found this so reassuring that Carolyn could detect this and she detached the spirit and gave me lots of advice about how to prevent him attaching to us again.
She also stated my husband had an attachment that was from approximately 5 years ago that she suspected attached to him after a hospital visit. My husband had been in hospital 5 years previously, so again made sense to us. She was able to send both spirit attachments towards the light.
On the house plan I had drawn and sent Carolyn, she was able to bring my attention to 2 areas. One was in a wardrobe between my room and my unsettled child’s room. It was a piece of jewellery that I had no idea I still had and it was linked to the person I felt was causing the paranormal activity. I followed Carolyn’s exact guidance on how to dispose of it and it is now not in my house.
She also drew my attention to an area in our kitchen that is currently being renovated. She had a concern and was able to pin point a specific area that was exactly where our waste leaves the house. Currently due to the renovation this has a large open hole surrounding it, and is an area I frequently fall down, and we also had drain issues a few months before at this exact point. I was advised by Carolyn to place a plant and crystals here until the renovation was complete.
She also found psychic cords causing conflict between 2 of my children which was certainly true and managed to clear the negativity.
She was also able to identify that my unsettled child had a physic cord attachment to someone at school. My child had extreme issues at school with a bully at the time of the clearing and again Carolyn was able to detach them from my child.
She raised a concern about an issue with my dog affecting histummy that was from the water. We are on a well where we live and the well has been an ongoing issue and we had been for months trying to find someone who could service it and insert new filters as it had not been done for several years due to lack of companies specialised in working with this type of well. Since Carolyn warned us of the parasite our has been having bottled water and his skin irritation has cleared up and his eyes are clearer. We have definitely seen an improvement in our pooches health and have actually been able to track down a well engineer locally.
Carolyn also detected some technopathic stress caused by a communal Wifi mast that is attached to our chimney. I have since contacted the company that put it there, and have asked questions about its safety and am awaiting a response.
She also asked if we had any new furniture in our lounge recently that was made of wood. We had recently recycled an old piece of oak that was left over from making an oak porch and had made it into a fireplace mantle. she explained this oak contained a tree spirit and needed to be passed onto a new tree. I followed her guidance to purchase a new sapling and for several days placed it in front of the oak mantle to encourage tree spirit exchange, and the sapling is now thriving in the garden.
Carolyn informed me of the positive areas in my house, which included on my sofa and in my garden and these areas are certainly places I feel relaxed.
Carolyn advocated I blast loud music regularly to energise our home and assured me all the issues had been cleared.
I was so thankful to Carolyn for clearing the negativity within my home and my child’s behaviour improved as did her sleeping. They also appeared calmer and less argumentative around the sibling they hadn’t been getting on with recently.
I followed all of her guidance and it was all manageable and achievable, and felt my house felt brighter and more positive. I purchased a bunch of daffodils after the clearing and I was so delighted they opened as so many had died and wilted as soon as I put them in water prior to Carolyn’s hard work.
There are no words to express my gratitude to Carolyn and the difference she made to my family and home.
I can’t recommend her Home Healing enough.


Carolyn carried out a remote home healing of my home a few months ago and I have really noticed the difference in the atmosphere of my home.  I didn’t have any specific areas of concern but it was amazing how Carolyn highlighted certain spots in my home where I could add a plant or a mirror or something else simple to improve the flow of energy.  And many of those spots were spaces where negative things were going on, such as arguments about spending too much time on the computer or a corner of my kitchen where all the junk accumulates.  Carolyn even covered my garden!  The little suggestions she made about what to place in those spots has really made a positive difference to how our home feels.  It’s amazing how she can connect with the feelings and emotions in my home remotely.  I really was amazed by how intuitive Carolyn was.  

The whole process was very simple, I drew a rough map of my house and sent it to Carolyn and then we had an online call to go through everything.  It was very interesting and I think it is definitely something to do every year – like an annual spring clean but instead of cleaning the dust out it clears out all the stagnant energy in your house and welcomes in the happiness!  



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