Flaming Groovy Plant Based Candles

All natural aromatherapy candles made with pure essential oils and plant based waxes.

100% natural home fragrance.

Fill your home with the magical blends of essential oils. 
Beautiful candles, blended for synergy. 

Finding inspiration in embracing the feminine, empowering friendships, moon cycles, nature and general daydreaming. I now create my own gorgeous womanly blends of pure essential oils oils to support the emotional, hormonal, seasonal and physical cycles for us complex and beautiful creatures.

I’m fascinated to watch folk when I ask them to smell the whole range. There is always one that they come back to and one where their nose crinkles. It’s always different, no one has the same taste and smells are equally subjective. I often feel that you are drawn to the fragrance that you need most at that time, without even knowing the magical properties these blends contain. Something to calm or uplift, or shift energy, maybe to ground yourself, I’d like to think i’ve got all bases covered.

I only use plant based ingredients making my candles 100% natural. 
Using either soya or a rapeseed and coconut blend of wax. I do try to avoid soya wax, although a couple of the candles burn better using it.

Each highly scented candle is made with a high volume of essential oil. Between 8 and 10%, that’s a lot, even more than one of those little bottles of Lavender that you’d have in the bathroom. It also means that my candles have a strong scent throw, filling the room with natural aroma quickly and leave it lingering long after you’ve put your candle out. I recommend using the lid to extinguish the flame, just pop it back on the tin.

Step in to the Flaming Groovy world of aroma, allow yourself a moment of self care, create a sacred bath experience, for yoga practice, definitely for savasana. Light a candle, dedicate it to someone or something, bring joy to that moment, give it your full attention, set an intention.

Light up your life.


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