Women's Circles

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I currently hold 2 monthly circles in Essex - Great Dunmow and Saffron Walden.

Women sitting in circle it is an ancient practice, it’s a sacred place where we are all equal and this is where we can reclaim the Feminine. We are cyclical creatures and it’s time for us to recognise and restore our natural rhythms and connection to nature, the moon and the seasons that have gradually been muted. 

A Women's Circle is a safe and sacred space for Women to gather, a space of non-judgement, a space to come home to yourself and to see yourself in the reflection of each other.

This is a space to remember your power, and to support each other in remembering theirs.

The Circle is ancient, it is sacred, and by gathering with one another we reclaim this for ourselves and for all Women. 

My interest and learning has guided me to do a deep dive into the history of Women and of Goddess and the patriarchy and how, over the course of thousands of years, we’ve ever ended up in a masculine dominated society where women (and men) carry the wounds and generational traumas. Where over thousands of years feminine qualities have diminished in their significance and value.

My definition of patriarchy is a system that has made masculine qualities superior to feminine qualities. This is not a male v female issue, and I’m definitely not blaming or hating on men. Men have been victims and need to heal from the trauma of patriarchy too.

As women, instead of being in Sisterhood, we have adapted to survive, and the disconnect that we experience has taken us off course and away from our truth. We gossip and judge each other and hold ourselves up for comparison. Instead of being too much, we’ve settled for being not enough, played small, been a people pleasers, not spoken our truth, not been strong enough to say no, and carried the fear of being painted as something untrue.
This is known as the Witch wound, and is carried within us from the times of the witch trials, where women turned on each other in order to well, not be burned or drowned.

We all have a role to play to connect with each other in a way that we aren’t doing currently. Understand and shed the wounds we carry by gathering, listening and healing. Uplifting and empowering the feminine in all of us and unlocking our authenticity and most importantly, remembering our worth. 

When we reclaim our feminine gifts we can reinstate the feminine conscience on this planet. We need to balance the feminine and masculine energy, we need both, but right now, it’s way out of balance.


Are you circle curious?
Here’s how I run my circles.

  • I want to create a relaxed and inclusive safe space. 
  • We’ll do a guided meditation, some circle sharing and open chat, pull some oracle cards, drink tea and eat chocolate. We laugh and giggle and cry. All emotion is welcome.
  • We may make something together or perform a simple ritual or ceremony based around the season or the moon or we might just chat about books, my circles are intuitive and inclusive.
  • If you want to come but are nervous to speak, that’s fine too. Just come and listen.
  • Circle is confidential, non bias and absolutely non-judgemental.
  • COME AS YOU ARE. Come in a dress or come in your onesie, zero judgement.
  • Talk from your heart, listen with all that you have and feel held, brave, safe and heard.

Carolyn is sitting on the floor in a sacred circle with a mandala of herbs and oracle cards.

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