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Flaming Nora Aromatherapy Candle

Flaming Nora Aromatherapy Candle

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Flaming Nora is a deeply relaxing, aromatic spa blend of pure essential oils. 100% natural and plant based for a naturally fragranced home.

Allow Nora to take you off to a place of rest and relaxation. A relaxing blend of Lemongrass, Lavender, Chamomile and Rosewood pure essential oils. So incredibly relaxing, its the perfect candlelit bath time treat.

Lavender is arguably our best loved and used essential oil. Calming and balancing, working with the frequency of insight. Allowing deep personal growth and the feeling of being centered and relaxed. What’s not to love.

Chamomile resonates at a frequency of stillness and soothes the throat chakra. Allowing you to feel all the feels of anger and agitation, because these feeling are real. Chamomile lets you move through these emotions, acknowledging them, giving them a voice, owning them and then releasing. Chamomile is known for it’s calming properties but it may lift to the surface, buried emotions and anger first.

Rosewood encourages you to help yourself, tuning into the frequency strength and optimism. It works with your whole chakra system. If you are a ‘glass is half empty person’, Rosewood might be the oil for you, encouraging positivity, confidence in yourself and having an attitude for gratitude.

It’s an aromatherapy candle that really packs a punch, it’s naturally scented of course, heavy on the Lemongrass which will hit you like a breeze of calm and make slow right down for a mindfulness moment.

Completely natural vegan friendly candle made using pure essential oils and rapeseed and coconut wax.

Burn time - Regular size up to 40 hours. Mini size up to 20 hours.

Tin size -  Regular size 70 h x 80 diameter mm. Mini size 50h x 60mm dia.

Net weight Regular 187g / Mini 80g

As these candles are hand made please allow for the occasional slight irregularity.

Essential oils can be potent and powerful.

If you are pregnant or have a medical condition, please seek medical advice before using these candles.

This candle is made with coconut wax, if you have an allergy to nuts this product should be avoided.

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