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Flaming Groovy Perfectly Imperfect Lucky Dip

Flaming Groovy Perfectly Imperfect Lucky Dip

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Flaming Groovy Perfectly Imperfect Candles. Sometimes I make the odd one with a wonky wick, or the tops aren’t as smooth as I'd like or maybe the labels aren’t straight or the tin is dinted. These perfectly imperfect beauties will still burn beautifully and smell incredible, they just haven’t made it on to the A team.

It’s a lucky dip so you won’t know what candle you are getting but it will be from my range and it will be exactly the candle you need. 

Are you feeling lucky?

Your completely natural candle will be made using pure essential oils and either soy or rapeseed and coconut wax. 

Burn time - Up to 40 hours.

Tin size -  70 h x 80 diameter mm

Net weight 187g

As these candles are hand made please allow for the occasional slight irregularity.

Essential oils can be potent and powerful.

If you are pregnant or have a medical condition, please seek medical advice before using these candles.

Please check the product labels on the product safety CLP page before you buy to make sure you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients used. Remember it’s a lucky dip.

This candle may be made with coconut wax, if you have an allergy to nuts this product should be avoided.

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