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Luna Chick Aromatherapy Candle

Luna Chick Aromatherapy Candle

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Luna Chick is a dark and mysterious blend of pure essential oils. 100% natural and plant based for a naturally fragranced home.

Do you prefer the new moon or the full moon, waxing or waning?

I love a new moon, it’s a time for wiping the slate clean. Setting some new intentions for the month ahead and letting go of whatever you need to, to enable you to shift some stagnant energy and move things forward. Take a ritual bath, light a candle and do some deep thinking. Manifest all that you want.

The usual sweetness of Lavender is knocked right back by other oils to create this dark, complex and sophisticated synergy blend. So good for dark nights, cosy nights in and candlelit bath times. Incredibly relaxing and deeply soothing.

This is a natural plant based aromatherapy candle. Vegan friendly.

Lavender, Frankincense, Cedarwood and Ylang Ylang pure essential oils in soy wax.

Burn time - Up to 40 hours.

Tin size -  70 h x 80 diameter mm

Net weight 187g

As these candles are hand made please allow for the occasional slight irregularity.

Essential oils can be potent and powerful.

If you are pregnant or have a medical condition, please seek medical advice before using these candles.

Although these products are not made with nut ingredients I cannot guarantee that they have not come in to contact with nut products.

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