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Sisterhood Aromatherapy Candle

Sisterhood Aromatherapy Candle

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Sisterhood is a floral and feminine blend of pure essential oils. 100% natural and plant based for a naturally fragranced home.

It’s the feeling of togetherness, of remembering the way it used to be as we sit in circle, sharing bravely, speaking from our hearts, speaking our truth knowing that we will not be judged, or made to feel less than, or be gossiped about. It is how we free ourselves and begin to heal from the generational traumas and the wounds we carry around as women. A sisterhood, where we can lose the masks we put on to fit it and conform.

Geranium is a great balancer, excellent when you need to believe in yourself. Can be helpful for anxiety with calming properties, it’s also an excellent insect repellent.

Ylang Ylang works with the brow chakra and can help when you need to face up to a situation. The truth will set you free and then the healing and acceptance can begin.

Sisterhood - the feeling of kinship with a group of women, an association or community of women linked by a common thread, your actual sister or your mate who you don’t mind popping over when your house looks like a tip. 
It’s everything that made me want to create a range of candles for women.

This candle is about as womanly and feminine as it comes, fresh and floral and it’ll make you feel like you are dancing in a rose garden in midsummer swishing your skirt. Light it any time, celebrate your divine femininity. You are incredible.

It’s time to rise Sisters and remember who you are.

This is a natural plant based aromatherapy candle.

Rose Geranium, Geranium and Ylang Ylang pure essential oils in soy wax.

Now available in 2 sizes, regular and mini.

Burn time - regular size  - up to 40 hours / mini size up to 20 hours

Tin size -  regular size 70 h x 80 diameter mm / mini size 50h x 60 dia  mm

Net weight  - regular 187g / mini 80g

As these candles are hand made please allow for the occasional slight irregularity.

Essential oils can be potent and powerful.

If you are pregnant or have a medical condition, please seek medical advice before using these candles.

Although these products are not made with nut ingredients I cannot guarantee that they have not come in to contact with nut products.

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