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fleur du couer

Tree Song Journal

Tree Song Journal

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Each nature inspired journal comes beautifully presented, wrapped in a jute string with pencil, complete with a whisper of poetry.

Tree Song - A mind, discordant, meets with the trees, walks a while, gazes to the canopy, inhales ancient knowing and finds harmony that sings out and settles. This is the song of the trees.

Some Journals are just crying out to be filled with your words, they are the inspiration that allows your pen to flow, and this is one of those. 

As always, Fleurs du Coeur takes her inspiration from the natural world, in this case, trees. Oak for strength, Sycamore for protection, Ash for perspective, Beech for understanding and Birch for growth.

Each features a hand printed lino cut. A4 size.

Unlined blank pages, to fill up with your dreams and doodles.

Designed and cut in Essex by the super talented Katie May.

Not only do they feature her fantastic reflective lino cut art work, each journal has a poetic piece inspired by her art and nature and connects to her inspiration.

This makes for a very thoughtful gift.

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